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wash, rinse, repeat

listen to me,

he said, listen –

return my uniform the

hat the gloves all of it no

i’m not no i’m not

coming home no they can’t

never mind that i’ll tell you

later just return it they won’t

they, listen, they said

the doctor he said they

weren’t going to pursue the

 transplant option

his exact words this was

ten minutes ago maybe twenty

i’m not sure, i don’t wear a

watch do you know

what time it is?


a cyclist very

pretty & young like

nineteen or thirty waited

at a red light &

smiled at you she heard

me say i missed you &

we should go out

sometime like on a

date & we guessed at

what she must have thought

& the age of her parents right

up until you got on

the streetcar –

we said good night &

i never asked you out



now lights are

burning out, our

friends are turning

dead, you won’t

take off your clothes

& let me see –

the scar the one

i gave you high up

on your hip, i really have

to see it, was it

ever really there?


i knew my

blood would prove

how deep my

feelings ran: you watched

me slash myself, you

stood & watched me

bleed & you knew i’d

never make you happy.


the men are over

sixty-five I beat them

with a cane, they

bruise they beg they

go back home

kiss wives & watch

tv & everybody wonders

what went wrong.


like a telegram in

a black & white

movie she sounds

like this:

don’t open your

mouth STOP i told

you not to speak STOP

you’re such a

fucking loser you’re

acting like a bitch STOP

i mean it STOP close your

fucking mouth.


i sent you a

text: i don’t have

subway fare to get

to your place &

you sent a text: i

don’t have subway

fare for you to get home

so we have to wait for

money & you refuse

phone sex


it’s not what kids

imagine you sleep in

real life back to

back the woman usually

like a boomerang –

there’s no sleeping in

her arms or sleeping

in your arms i

mocked the very notion

but she did sleep in

my arms every night until

she left the country &

there’s no point in

pretending i’m cool.


they cut into me 3

times in 3 days the

final time i was

thrashing like a landed

trout & after that i

saw a nurse twice a

week she tended the

wound & much later an

mri scan searched my

body in vain for the hose they

said they’d planted after 3

tries & they asked me

did i take it out did the

nurse take it out? & i said

you forgot to put it

in at which point we agreed

to disagree & the subject has been

dead ever since.