White Boys is a terrific play.

Walmsley’s comedy is a 96-minute laugh riot that speeds assuredly along under the skillful. lively direction of company co-founder Paul Mears.

The action takes place in the ramshackle Vancouver apartment of two

poverty-stricken go-nowheres. Randy Wake (Gerry McKay) and Randy Wells (Tim O’Gorman), both of whom live up to their first names.

Their obsession with sex — which accounts for the play’s very crude language — is seconded only by their propensity toward alcohol. One, in fact, is labelled “the Everest of drunks” by the boys’ latest overnight visitor. a nightclub pickup named Susan (Madeleine Lamprecht).

Throughout the play, this madly-matched trio smoke a little, leer a lot. swear and drink up a storm. And generally discuss, among other things, sexual deviations and the futility of life. They are interrupted occasionally by a fastidious fellow named Robinson (David Wilson), a married Vancouver businessman who takes a peculiar liking to the boys.

White Boys is slick. raucous and side-splittingly funny as Walmsley’s parade of crackerjack one-liners races by with the rat-a-tat speed of a reckless locomotive.

The playwright’s humor cuts a wide swath, ranging from a fountain of double-entendres (indeed, ‘grasp the essentials’ is given a whole new meaning), to jokes on bigotry.

The key characters. though ill-mannered and comically despicable, are nonetheless a pair of loveable louts. Their behaviour is a tad more sophisticated than Bob and Doug Mackenzie’s. Try to imagine that….

This inaugural effort… hints at greater things to come. Applause.

— Michael D. Reid, Victoria Times-Colonist, February 3, 1984

Download the original working script of White Boys (with revisions from rehearsals), from the original Toronto production, directed by Bill Glassco in 1981.