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Bobby and Christine have invited Alex and Elizabeth over for the evening. It has to be at Christine’s place because Bobby has skipped bail. Besides, some guys want to break his knees. Christine supports him and occasionally encourages him to change his ways.

Alex, a one-time accomplice of Bobby’s, becomes bitter when he realizes that Bobby’s psychosis is what turns on nice girls… like Elizabeth. She’s a bored, spoiled, middle-class princess, but she has something on Christine. Elizabeth knows that Bobby loves his sordidness, and so does she, especially when he drags a knife across her bare buttocks….
(from the jacket copy of the first published edition of Something Red)

Do you like to be scared till your knuckles turn white? Then go see Tom Walmsley’s Something Red at the Tarragon Theatre. It is part of what a biography in another of his works calls a “life-long love affair with heroin and sadomasochism,” a world he knows like Amin knew his torture chambers.

—Ray Conlogue, The Globe & Mail, January 11, 1980

Something Red is also available from Talonbooks as part of an anthology,

Twenty Years at Play: A New Play Centre Anthology, Edited by Jerry Wasserman