This website is dedicated to the life and work of Tom Walmsley, Canadian playwright, novelist and poet.

Tom’s career spans 45 years, since the 1975 publication of his first book of poetry, Rabies, and the first production and publication of his play, The Workingman.

Now based in Toronto, Canada, Tom wants to share his work freely with a new generation of artists. On this site you can download many of his works, plays, poetry and fiction, and find links to the publishers of the work that is still in print.

In 2000, just weeks before the pandemic struck, long-time friend Thad McIlroy met with Tom for two week-long sessions of interviews about Tom’s life and work. The result was 60 hours of recordings, now transcribed by David Bateman, an actor, playwright, visual artist, and performance poet currently based in Toronto. The transcripts will be released in segments on this site once they are edited for clarity and for privacy considerations.